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Celebrate a day of luck and being irish. Green clothing, lucky charms, shamrocks, and pots of gold are the images for this holiday!

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St Patricks Day Coloring Pages

Easy Pictures

Here are your own lucky charms and basic pictures for fun with the younger ones.

Happy Day Hat

Happy Day Shamrock

Lucky Horseshoe

Detailed Pictures

Color your own leprechauns with pots of gold, lucky wishing well, and more.

Bunny and Clovers

Clovers and Rainbow

I remember being a kid and if I didn’t wear green on this day, I would get pinched by everyone! It was all good and made the holiday more fun each year.

Dog and Balloons

Pot of Gold and Rainbow

I love the idea of charms and the luck they give you. Even if it’s only all in the mind of the holder, it doesn’t hurt to have something to bring hope to one’s day.


Pot of Gold

I’ve never had my own lucky charm, but my grandmother likes having a horseshoe above the doorway. It’s supposed to give you good luck for the day when you walk under it.

Lots of Shamrocks

Magical Wishing Well

Do you have a lucky charm? What about tossing a coin into a fountain or well for a wish? What about the holiday do you love to do each year?


Bookmarks for your reading buddy and shapes to print for your crafts for the holiday.

St Patricks Day Bookmarks

Shamrock Shapes

Click to see St Patricks Day Cards to Color.

Crafting Ideas

  • Use the shapes to decorate headbands, bracelets, picture frames, cupcake toppers, or banner.
  • Punch a hole through a shape and thread string or yarn through to make your own lucky charm. Decorate it to be glittery gold or green.
  • Little origami boxes are great to give wrapped chocolate coins. Color or paint it green with shamrock stickers or shapes.

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