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Here are a variety of spring pictures that include flowers, animals, and spending time outdoors. Also see rainbow coloring pages.

Hope you enjoy coloring these pictures as much as I enjoyed drawing them. :)

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Spring Animal Coloring Pages

Cute little animals for your warm spring day outside! Or even for those April Shower days to bring cheer and a smile.

Spring Birds

Spring Bunnies

Spring Butterflies

Butterfly Skies

Spring Kitten

Spring Puppy

Spring Activities

More activity pictures of picking flowers, gardening, holding a lemonade stand, and sitting at a picnic.

Spring Flower Girl

Spring Gardening

Spring Flowers Coloring Pages

Fun little flowers and some to print and cut out! Check out more flower coloring pages here.

Spring Flowers

Spring Rainbow

I love how spring makes everything feel warm and cozy, like I’m thawing in the sunshine. It’s just warm enough to not need a jacket, yet not so bright that I feel like I’m crawling out of a cave!

The flowers begin to bloom and the birds are out in flocks. Baby animals are walking around with their mothers. I get to stretch and walk outside again.

In my neck of the woods, gardens are getting started with freshly turned earth and planted seeds of vegetables or flowers. Some even take the chance to redecorate their entire front yard.

This time of year, I can get back to other types of artwork that let me get outside. Spraypaint paintings are a favorite outdoor art pasttime of mine.

Crafting with Coloring Pages

Flower Shapes

These flowers in different sizes are perfect for sprucing up a flat surface for spring or girly themes.Color with favorite colors, cut out the right sizes, and use double-sided tape or glue to stick where wanted.These are also great for using in a Mother’s Day homemade gift.

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