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Bring more color into the whole new year and your afternoon.

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These drawings are great for little craft projects as well! Use glitter glue, shiny star stickers, jewel stickers, or anything to make them bright and shiny.

Two Rockets

Various Fireworks

Full Fireworks

Party Kids

Cute little kids are spending time on New Years celebrating.

Girl with Date

Boy with Clock

Girl with Balloons

New Years Printables

Print, color, and laminate your own New Years Bookmarks for reading new books during the year!

Go here to see printable New Years Cards to color.

New Years Craft Ideas

  • Pipe cleaners shaped into the year for kids glasses or a headband.
  • Construction paper hats decorated with fireworks, glitter, stars.
  • Paper plate clocks to count down.
  • Create your own calendar.
  • Fill a water bottle with beans or rice and cover with paint or construction paper to make a noisemaker.

Each new year is like a fresh start. After reviewing the previous year’s accomplishments and goals, it’s a good time to make new ones and dream up what to do for the new year.

Though New Years day on January 1st is the holiday celebrated in most countries throughout the world, there are still other days that could be celebrated as a new year. Chinese New Year is one of them, along with other Asian countries that use a different calendar.

Or if you have kids, some people use August or September as their “new year”. :)

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