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The moon is a magical part of nighttime that seems mysterious to little ones that have an early bedtime. Being a constant presence in the night sky, the moon has captivated people throughout history.

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Moon and Fairies

Moon and Kitty

It has the power to light up even the darkest of nights and moves the waters of the oceans and rivers throughout the month with the pull of its gravity.

Moon and Planet

Moon and Stars

It has four different phases depending on the time of the month: New, Waxing, Full, and Waning.

Moon Phases

It is no wonder that there are nursery rhymes and stories about it. Even old religions have looked up to the moon as a deity and worshipped it for its change through the month and the light it gives for nighttime travel.

More Moon Printables

Here are some bookmarks of the coloring pages above to print and color, as well as a printable mobile craft to hang in a room or outside. Use tracing for a sun-catcher effect with paints or markers. Use moons and stars to decorate other crafts, such as wizard hats, crowns, paper boxes, or more.

Moon Bookmarks

Moons to Print

Stars to Print

Moon and Stars Mobile

Tips for Coloring

  • For a “stained glass” effect, print on tracing or wax paper and color with markers or paints, then hang your finished picture in a window with clips.
  • Use silver glitter glue around the edges of the moons for easy, sparkly crafting fun.
  • Practice shading the curves of the moon for a 3D effect. Remember how to shade a ball? It’s similar!

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