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Gentle ladybug pictures make beautiful spring or summertime activities for someone who loves ladybugs.

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Ladybug on a Flower

Printable Ladybug Greeting Card

This makes a great general greeting card to color and send to someone you’re thinking about or even as a thank you card or spring greeting.

Ladybug on a Flower card

Ladybugs are a favorite insect among kids because of their bright colors and spots and generally gentle behavior.

They even make a great “first pet” and learning experience with a bug box or terrarium or even watch their life cycle with a growing kit.

There are more than 5,000 species of ladybugs with 450 in North America alone!

I’ve seen my fair share of annoyances with ladybugs inside the home, for sure. As soon as the weather warms, it’s like a swarm of ladybugs decided to make our back porch their new country! I don’t think my mother ever really recovered from the shock of all of them. :)

Ladybug Craft Ideas:

  • Paper plates lend well to a ladybug craft because they are already round and cutting a second in half makes the wings. You could use brads at the top so the wings open and a message is written on the body.
  • Painted rocks with googly eyes are a great craft for your garden or beside the front door. They brighten everyone’s day with warm colors and welcome you home.
  • Make a ladybug antennae headband with a red headband, pipe cleaners for the stems, and pom poms for the round bits at the end.
  • A ladybug paper bag puppet project is great for parties or a lunch bag to take to school.
  • Have a ton of round lids that don’t go to anything? Paint ladybugs on them!
  • Print ladybug coloring pages and cut out the pictures to paste to just about anything like picture frames, scrapbook pages, folders, or notebooks.
  • Anything can be decorated as a ladybug or with ladybugs for a cute theme. Flower pots, cupcakes, baseball cap, easter basket, mailbox, halloween costumes are all different things that would be fun to paint.

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