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Kids can show they love you and other family members by coloring a cute, whimsical drawing or hearts. Say “I Love Mom” or “I Love Dad” as well.

Right click an image or link and click Save Link As to save the PDF file to your computer for later printing. Click the image or link will open the PDF in another window for you to click the print button available.


These pictures feature lacy and frilly hearts perfect for valentine’s or giving to a special family member.

I Love You Hearts

Heart and Flowers

Hearts and Ribbon

More I Love You

These are great for boys and girls to color and give to others for any occasion.

I Love You A Ton

Parchment Bird

Teddy Bear

Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa

These boys and girls are holding a sign that shows their love for each person. They’re great for Mother’s and Father’s day, as well as Grandparent’s day. Any holiday is perfect to send an I Love You card!

Mom from Boy

Mom from Girl

Dad from Boy

Dad from Girl

Grandma from Boy

Grandma from Girl

Grandpa from Boy

Grandpa from Girl

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