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Add variety to what animals your children color with giraffes.

Giraffes are the tallest animals on the planet. This makes them great for cartoons or surreal styles of art.

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Giraffe in the field

Stuffed Giraffe with Toys

This picture shows one out in the grassland savanna of Africa with a tree and birds in the distance. A cute stuffed animal with other toys that can be colored to perfectly match your child’s bedroom for a finished framed piece.

They have such long, graceful necks and tall legs. They are so similar to horses or camels, but look completely stretched out.

They make adorable characters for children’s themes, like for books, clothes, or bedrooms. I can imagine an adorable zoo or safari themed room.

Giraffes are beautiful animals for heart and love themes because they are the land mammal with the largest heart.

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