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Christmas is perhaps the most joyful holiday of the year. Use these Christmas pictures to keep your kids busy while you’re busy gathering the family together, decorating the Christmas tree, or sending gifts. Also see Christmas cards or Christmas tree cards.

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Easy Coloring Pages

Gingerbread Man

Candy Cane

If your winter has been as cold as mine, keep your kids safe inside for the holiday so they don’t catch a cold (or get their new outfits muddy).

More Santa Coloring Pages

Bell and Mistletoe

Santa’s Face

Use these coloring pages as a cute greeting for family members close and far. Have your kids sign their name or write a message on the back.

Detailed Coloring Pages

I love these elves and their big noses! They are so fun to draw expressions and outfits.

Elves in the tree

Elves with presents

Santa likes getting messages, too! Don’t forget the plate with cookies and milk, and I’m sure he’ll love getting a beautiful piece of artwork.

Merry Christmas Coloring Pages

These are great for sending in the mail as a “card” from your children to family or friends.



These pictures are also good for decorating your fridge or your child’s bedroom door (with colored tape) to show them that you’re proud of their work. You could even use glitter glue on the pages to bring more festivity out of the page!

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