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Kids love to watch fish in their tanks or even just the fish at the store. They are mesmerizing how they seem weightless and shine in different colors and angles.

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Betta Fish


These fish coloring pages above and below have plenty of room to stick stickers or draw specific backgrounds to make your coloring pages unique and all your own. Feel free to add seaweed, buried treasure, deep sea divers, shells, coral, or anything else you can imagine.

One Goldfish

Two Goldfish

5 Little Fish


Fish in Bowls

Several of the fish above are now in bowls below! Print a new pet and color in metallic markers for that same sheen that real fish have.

Angelfish in a Bowl

Betta Fish in a Bowl

Clownfish in a Bowl

One Goldfish in a Bowl

There’s just enough room to add special fishbowl decorations to go with your fish.

2 Goldfish in a Bowl

5 Little Fish in a Bowl

Draw Your Own Fish

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