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Print and color Christmas trees this holiday for some fun activities while the grown-ups chat and catch up with the family.

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Xmas tree ribbons

Xmas tree and stockings

Christmas trees are a long time tradition in most families and can be one of the most beautiful sights in a home.

Rough Xmas tree

Smooth Xmas tree

Some families deck their trees with the maximum amount of decorations, ornaments, and lights. Some keep it simple, which is just as beautiful in its own right.

Xmas tree with candy

Xmas tree in the field

I love the colored tinsel trees, especially for a child’s room. It’s cute to give them their own tree for the year with a little star for the top. No extra decorating required!

Christmas Tree Elves Coloring Pages

Nothing says Christmas morning like presents to open, and what fun to think Santa‘s elves are helping him with some of the bigger jobs!

Elves in the tree

Elves with presents

Christmas Tree Printables

These are great little card stuffers.

Xmas tree bookmarks

Go to see Printable Christmas Tree Cards to color.

Christmas Tree Crafting Ideas

Christmas trees are one of my favorite decorations for the Christmas season. Here are some ideas to make crafty little christmas trees to go with your bigger one.

  • Pompom tree – make a cone out of paper and then glue colored pompoms to make a tree
  • Circle paper tree – cut different sizes of green paper and glue into a tree shape; use a holepunch to make colorful little ornaments or markers to draw them in; glue to a popsicle stick or click a clothspin to the bottom so it stands.
  • Cut a green tree shape out of paper, add some glue, then stick on random small craft supplies to be the decorations.
  • Three popsicle sticks glued together in a triangle shape with some yarn tied at the top makes a cute tree ornament.
  • Green icing over an ice cream cone with M&Ms stuck on sounds like a sweet treat for the holiday.

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