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Print out these bees when it’s almost spring to bring some sunshine yellow into the house!

Bees can be scary with their painfully big stingers, but they’re so important to the environment and the health of plants and gardens. Bee coloring pages make it easier to ease fear of bees and teach children to be nice to them.

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Bees and Beehive

Bees and Flowers

Bees and Large Flower

Valentine Bee Printable

Print these valentine’s for a cheap alternative to store bought boxes. These have a common, traditional phrase that are good for boys and girls. They’re not too frilly, either.

“Bee” My Valentine

“Bee” My Valentine Printables

It’s a telltale sign of spring and summer when bees come out in the sunshine. They work throughout all of the warm weather making honey for the winter months when flowers aren’t blooming.

There are many jobs a bee can have in a hive. The most important is the queen bee who lays eggs to populate the hive, and the worker bees create the honey and help with the baby bees.

Bees are so important to the health of flowers. They pollinate each one and perpetuate the cycle of life for flowers. Without bees, we would not only lose a lot of species of flowers, we would lose animals that depend on the nourishment from them and other plants.

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