Printable Unique Coloring Pages to Enjoy

Free printable unique coloring pagesFind whimsically drawn printable unique coloring pages for you and your children or just you, the kid at heart. Fill your time with something creative and nourishing, and not just the drone of the television set!

Grow a love of creativity and art in just minutes during your afternoons with unique drawings found only here, with just the click of your print button.

All are drawn in a fun style that are great for the budding artist, gifts for special holidays, crafts for special memory keeping or more.

They’re not necessarily just for coloring! Think of the possibilities you can create with them, and your days will be filled with fun and color.


Find Lots of Pictures to Print and Color

Holiday Coloring Pages

Find printable holidays of several different days of the year. These are a fun and creative way to familiarize your kids with the different holidays.

christmas wreath drawing
fairy with a staff drawing

Fantasy Coloring Pages

Imagination comes to life with fantasy. There is no limit to how to color. There's no reason why a normal horse couldn't be colored green and the sky orange and the ground purple!

Animal Coloring Pages

Find a whole slew of different animals. Print and color your favorite one. Teach your younger children the different animals from farms, jungle, safari, or zoo. Even animals of the night or day. These are great to go along with picture or sound books.

cat sleeping drawing
sunflowers drawing

Nature Coloring Pages

Bring the fun of the outdoors inside with nature pictures. Not only are they fun, they're a great way for your kids to get in touch with the outdoors whether they are kept inside from harsh weather or outside at the picnic table while enjoying the breeze.

Insect Coloring Pages

Satisfy your kid's curiosity for insects. Nature is full of surprises that even the quietest of kids are fascinated about.

butterfly drawing

Printable Bookmarks and Cards

Color your own bookmarks to help make reading more colorful and fun.Print and color cards for a personal touch from kids that family are sure to love.


Every kid needs some art in his or her life.

It’s calming and helps him or her be creative. Coloring every day is a great way for them to relieve stress and keep busy.

And it’s so darn fun playing with all of the bright colors!

bunch of colorful crayons

Coloring pages have some benefits:

  • It develops hand-eye coordination.
  • It helps break out of creative blocks (not just art, but any block).
  • It’s calming.
  • It staves off boredom.
  • It’s a great base for a crafty project.
  • It’s great as decoration by itself.
  • It’s also great as a gift or greeting for family.

And they’re not just for kids. You are just as awesome a colorer as any kid. Don’t feel silly if you like any coloring pages of mine and go ahead and print to color for yourself!